Accelerating the development of the hydrocarbon resource base in Eastern Siberia and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

The need to accelerate Russia's industrial growth, strengthen its strategic position in Asia-Pacific energy markets, and improve the level of people's wellbeing in the eastern regions of the country are the factors determining intensive prospecting and development of oil and gas resources in Eastern Siberia and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Top priority exploration initiatives are now being carried out according to 'The Programme of Geological Study and Licensing Deposits of Hydrocarbon Raw Material of Eastern Siberia and Yakutia', approved by an order of the Ministry of Natural Resources in 2005. The main developer of the programme is the Siberian Scientific Research Institute of Geology, Geophysics and Mineral Raw Material (SNIIGGiMS)...

  • Авторы: Arkady Efimov, Alexander Gert, Valery Staroseltsev, Pavel Melnikov, Nadezhda Suprunchik
  • Журнал: First Break - March 2009